Dangers of Sailing

Sailing can be very dangerous. One danger is other boats. In a race, particularily at the start, boats often hit each other. Sometimes these crashes only leave a dent or scratch the paint. Other times people get hurt or a boat is damaged so badly it cannot sail.

Another danger is storms. Storms have been known to scatter the fleet during a race. Boats have been known to capsize, sink, and lose masts. Crew members have also fallen over board.If there is a storm it is each individual skippers decision whether or not to race. 

What are some ways for people to stay as safe as possible while sailing? Do you think the risks are worth it?



  1. It is important to wear a life jacket when sailing so that if you fall into the water you will not drown immediately. Having a life raft on board would also be something to consider because you would be able to pull someone out of the water right away.

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